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Product Details
产品名称:Green Chili powder
Product Details

1.Certification: ISO9001:2000; HACCP

2. Hot degree: high, medium, mild.

3. Supply capacity: 200MT/Month.

4. Mesh size60-70mesh

5. Sample: we can supply free of charge sample to customers, postage is collect.

6. Impurity, coloring agents, mould: no.

7. Aroma: Pungent.

8. Humidity /moisture: Max 10%.

9. Aflatoxin, salmonella, Ocratoxin, Sudan Red 1, 2, 3, 4: no.

10. Packing: powder & crush is contained in a double packing to assure its handling.

Outer package: 25lbs/kraft paper bag, or according to the clients requirments.

Weight/ conveyance: 16.5MT/20 feet FCL.

11. Shelf Life: 12 months